Bladder weakness and exercise: how to face it?

19. June 2019

It seems like sport favors incontinence… TRUE. Sports apply a pressure on the pelvic floor. Urinary leaks can occur if it doesn’t contract strong enough or fast enough.

Sporty friends, protect your pelvic floor!

Practicing gym, CrossFit, running, horse riding or even trampoline or jumping rope are not recommended if you suffer from a weak pelvic floor. They can worsen urinary leakage. If you practice regularly, you should think about training your pelvic floor to avoid problems like Sandrine, who delivered a “taboo-less” feedback!

What sport to choose in case of effort incontinence?

After giving birth or in case of leaks while practicing an intense sport, you should focus on sports such as cycling, swimming, or doing pilates that don’t apply pressure on the pelvic floor, and that don’t require jumping. When you’re able to control your pelvic floor, collective sports like tennis, running, Zumba etc. can be envisioned.  

Dutch bicycle: ideal partner for your pelvic floor

No doubt, Dutch bicycles are the ones that favor the best posture for your lap belt and your pelvic floor. It is your ally if you want to combine the useful to the pleasant.

Control your pelvic floor with Emy

You are looking for a practical solution to strengthen your pelvic floor and stay dry? The Emy device trains your pelvic floor where you want, and when you want! Emy is connected to an entertaining app which provides a track of your contractions in real time on your smartphone. Various programs are available, and exercises are adapted to the level of each women.

The Emy advice:

Do like all the Emy team and thousands of people in Strasbourg who cycle to work every day! By the way, Strasbourg is the French city where there is the biggest number of cyclists!

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