Bladder weakness and menopause: it is not irremediable!

19. June 2019

With age and the hormonal decline of pre-menopause and menopause, tissues tend to weaken and loosen, and urinary leaks can occur.

It is never too late…

Menopause, this time of life when women’s body changes, is the occasion to take care of ourselves and especially of our pelvic floor that we (perhaps) had forgotten. It is never too late… or too soon, so make the most of your pre-menopause to prevent these inconveniences!

… to tone our pelvic floor!

It is important to preserve our pelvic floor to continue to have a good quality of life (without urinary leaks), an intimate wellbeing and to avoid prolapse.

posture et incontinence

Regular exercising

To stay fit, you should move as often as possible. The regular practice of a sport but also kegels (exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor) are recommended. Training your pelvic floor will keep it firm and flexible and will help you avoid little inconveniences.

Take some time to train your pelvic floor for an incontinence-less menopause. It is the occasion to boost yourself and stay young in a way. In addition, your back will feel even better! The Emy solution is here to help and guide you in controlling your contractions. Strengthen your pevic floor at your own pace with Emy!

A healthy lifestyle for more energy!

Here are some tips for you to enjoy your menopause:

Eat healthy

Especially foods rich in nutrients, proteins, and try to limit sugar to avoid weight gain.

A regular physical activity

Practice a physical activity regularly (especially no-impacts sports) whilst preserving your pelvic floor

Specific exercises

Train your pelvic floor daily with strengthening exercises.

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