Boost your orgasms by training your pelvic floor

19 June 2019

The question of pelvic floor rehabilitation is not very sexy at first sight… However, many of us wish to reeducate their pelvic floor in order to say goodbye to urinary leaks, and then tell us that… Wooow their love life particularly improved! It is what we call “the icing on the cake”!

A strong pelvic floor for more pleasure

A strong pelvic floor enables a compression of the clitoris and favors vascularization. The fact that it contracts more, offers women an increase of their feelings during the act. In addition, when the vagina is tight, vaginal contractions are more intense and increase the hardness of the male’s erection. Win-win situation!

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The link between orgasm and pelvic floor

But so, how can orgasms be more intense thanks to a strong pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor plays a major role all along intercourse and especially during the different states of the orgasm. During the pre-orgasm phase, the pelvic floor is requested, but only its release makes the orgasm come.  When the pleasure peak is reached, automatic spasms occur for women. Knowing how to release its pelvic floor is the guarantee of a great orgasm.

It is required to be conscious that a “too soft” pelvic floor reduces the sensations during penetration for women and for men. Conversely, a too toned pelvic floor can be the source of pain. Anyway, these 2 situations are not uncurable and can rapidly be fixed by meeting a health professional who will know how to advise you.

And let’s not forget it… the orgasm remains one of the most pleasant ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, don’t deprive yourself of it!

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