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Pelvic floor training: 1 minute to understand everything

25. July 2019

To strengthen your pelvic floor at home, discover Emy, a connected medical device, innovative and 100% made in France!

1 minute to understand everything!

Alone or during sessions with your physiotherapist or midwife, fight effectively against the effects of a loose pelvic floor.

Watch this video to know everything about the use of Emy to optimize and improve your pelvic floor re-education sessions to get back to a strong pelvic floor!

Tone your pelvic floor with Emy

On the one hand, a vaginal device to measure your contractions. On the other hand, a mobile app that guides you in your exercises and measures your contractions.

Shake me

The trainer turns on by gently shaking it. Once the app is charged, the trainer connects to the app within a few seconds.

Emy’s characteristics

Ensured relaxation

You won’t need more than 5 minutes to make your device work. Once emy is charged, be relaxed and launch the application to start your pelvic floor training session!

4 steps to train your pelvic floor with Emy

Daily, we’ve been through enough not to add to it, haven’t we? Emy has been thought and made to be simple, effective and user-friendly. And it is achieved, our testers all could use Emy simply and rapidly.  

Step 1: charge the device

2 hours are enough to fully charge your device. Simply place it in its case.

Step 2: install the app

Available on IOS or Android, the Emy app is free. Emy researches a device to pair with by blinking.

Step 3: put in the trainer

With or without water-based lubricant, the trainer penetrates very easily.

Step 4: let yourself be guided

Emy adapts to your needs: you decide of the frequency, duration, and the type of game among the 20 available on the app.

Our users liked it

Fizimed proposed to a panel of users to answer a few questions about Emy’s effectiveness, here are the results:

92% think Emy is motivating

97% find the device easy and practical to use

89% have an improved quality of life after 3 weeks

Emy’s advice:

Wake up an hour earlier to take control of your own life.

This is what Isalou Beaudet-Regen tested for you. She is a French journalist who gave up her habits and decided to get up an hour earlier. In her book “La Magie du matin” (The Magic of the morning), she shows that “the early bird catches the worm” is today scientifically proven.

To download the Emy application directly to your smartphone :

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