How to keep a toned pelvic floor during pregnancy?

18. June 2019

We often discover our pelvic floor during our first pregnancy. This discovery usually happens while laughing, sneezing, or coughing. A few drops appear in your panty and that’s when you ask yourself “how to keep a strong pelvic floor during the next months?” no worries, at Fizimed, we have a solution!

Your pelvic floor is your ally during pregnancy

You should take care of it on every level! Your pelvic floor needs to be on point to support your baby’s weight for 9 months. Furthermore, you may already know but your pelvic floor is like a finish line for your baby when giving birth. The pelvic floor endures huge tensions all along delivery. First during labor, when the pelvic floor applies a pressure to the bottom. Then, the stretches when pushing and expulsing.

So, if we recapitulate, baby’s weight + labor + delivery = exhausted pelvic floor! Don’t neglect it!

But be reassured, we are not all in the same case and the only advice we can give you is: do your maximum to strengthen your pelvic floor before and during pregnancy!

Your pelvic floor before being pregnant

You are doing everything to be pregnant and you wish to benefit of this period to take care of your pelvic floor? I can only advice you to use Emy, the connected pelvic floor trainer. The device (chargeable in its case), will enable you to acknowledge your pelvic floor and train it at home thanks to its entertaining app. Of course, if you don’t know how to contract it, I can only encourage you to meet a physiotherapist or a midwife who will explain you in only a few sessions how to correctly contract your pelvic floor.

And you can also check this article which indicates other techniques to strengthen your pelvic floor daily!

If you already suffer from bladder weakness, try to identify the causes to anticipate it. You don’t know which type of incontinence you suffer from? Read this article which teaches you everything you have to know.

Your pelvic floor during pregnancy

We do not recommend using Emy while being pregnant, but it doesn’t mean you should leave your pelvic floor alone!

The emy free app

You may not know it yet, but Emy is also a free app (available on Google Pay and App store) that helps you do pelvic floor exercises with or without the device. Without the trainer, you can train and tone up your pelvic floor thanks to several contraction and release exercises which enables you to work out your pelvic floor at your own pace.

Furthermore, the app has plenty of scientific and educative content which make you understand better your pelvic floor and urinary incontinence. You can also access to many advice written by health professionals, specialized in pelvic floor re-education for an even more effective self-training. The pelvic floor will not have secrets for you anymore!

Kegel or De Gasquet exercises

Targeted pelvic floor re-education exercises aim to avoid inconveniences during pregnancy. the Emy trainer’s exercises are inspired by the Kegel method which is a reference in terms of pelvic floor re-education. This method is very specific and taught after giving birth.

De Casquet method is more recent. It is a personalized re-education method used in pre-natal yoga sessions. De Gasquet method adapts to the morphology and capacity of movement of each.

Your pelvic floor just before giving birth

Prepare your pelvic floor with massages

First, meeting your pelvic floor is not always easy for everyone. You may have everything to win by having a strong pelvic floor, but when we come to giving birth, it is recommended to relax it. Indeed, the pelvic floor must be looser and able to stretch to facilitate the baby’s way out.  This is how you reduce the risk of tear or episiotomy. These massages make your pelvic floor less fragile on delivery day.

Pelvic floor massage should be done from the 36th week of amenorrhea, best from 3 to 5 minutes every day. You can use a specific oil.

In case of early contractions or pelvic pain, we recommend telling it to the health professional who follows your pregnancy.

There are others practices that you can try according to your wishes like acupuncture, squatting techniques… do not hesitate to talk about it with health professionals that you meet along the last weeks before giving birth.

Now we can only wish you an unforgettable (it will be!) and relaxed delivery!


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