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26. July 2019

Pelvic floor rehabilitation or re-education is serious. It is a big part of the treatment against effort, urge, or mixt incontinence.

You can train your pelvic floor no matter of your age

Pelvic floor therapy aims to teach women to localize their pelvic floor and contract it correctly. You may have heard of it? And you are wondering why your health professional insisted that much?

You might already know that the pelvic floor, just like any other muscle, needs to be trained! And you probably know now that KIegel exercises are important all along life!

Discover the interview of Odile Bagot, gynecologist who tells us about the pelvic floor and Emy Kegel trainer.

Why should I rehabilitate my pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles which is located in the pelvis from the front to the back. More simply, it can be compared to a hammock that surrounds and supports our organs. Consequently, it can sometimes be challenged, especially when giving birth, or doing sport that can weaken it.

Prevention first!

The case of Johanna, 27 years old, makes us be conscious that prevention is better than cure. Born in a family in which many women had pelvic floor surgery; Johanna should have trained her pelvic floor before pregnancy. She could have avoided few inconveniences which we all would like to avoid after giving birth.

Read her feedback here

Pelvic floor rehabilitation – who is concerned?

Pelvic floor training is for women suffering from urinary leaks and people wishing to prevent them.

In France, pelvic floor training is often proposed after giving birth to prevent or heal bladder weakness issues.

It is also prescribed in the following cases to treat:


Whether it is urinary, anal or faecal incontinence, it often comes from a bad pelvic floor control associated to a muscle weakness. Pelvic muscles strengthening exercises improve the situation quickly.

Pelvic pain

Linked to delivery or not, pelvic floor rehabilitation is a solution. Relaxing exercises are adapted to hypertonic pelvic floors, and physiotherapy treats pain caused by nervousness…

Sexual pain

Pelvic floor re-education, complementarily to breathing and relaxation techniques, can be a solution to learn how to contract your pelvic floor during penetration. It reduces painful symptoms during intercourse.

In prevention

We can easily avoid urinary leaks by doing kegel exercises before giving birth. The patient is then aware of her pelvic floor and already knows how to contract it.

No children = no pelvic floor problem?

Wrong! This is one of many prejudice about the pelvic floor.  Martine, 50 years old and with no children, proves the opposite. She decided to train her pelvic floor to continue running without suffering from a wet panty afterwards.


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