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How to train your pelvic floor at home?

26. July 2019

Being more and more brought up, the subject of pelvic floor concerns us all… because of pregnancy, high-level sport, menopause, or weight gain, you could happen to have pelvic floor issues!

Like many women, after sessions with midwives of physiotherapists, you wish to continue training your pelvic floor at home.

To help you, here are some tips that should guide you in this journey that pelvic floor re-education is!

  • Ben Wa Balls
  • Yoni egg
  • Vaginal cones
  • Pelvic gym
  • Vaginal device

Accessories of pelvic floor re-education

In terms of pelvic floor training, we always hear everything and its opposite!

First, avoid stopping your pee midstream! This technique consists of retaining urine to work the pelvic muscles. It is not only ineffective, but it is also bad for your body. But good news! Many solutions exist: Ben Wa balls, yoni egg, electrostimulation, connected devices…

Ben Wa Balls to strengthen your pelvic floor

They are very easy to use to treat first symptoms of pelvic muscles loosing. They enable to have quick results. They stimulate intimate muscles by emitting a light vibration. However, if your pelvic floor is too loose, they won’t be enough. In this case, you should go for other accessories, better adapted to your needs… for all pelvic floor training accessories, don’t hesitate to use lubricants!

Yoni egg, the spiritual version of pelvic floor re-education

A yoni egg is a stone egg which can have different sizes and can be made of different types of stone. This egg must be placed in your vagina for a soft pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Originally, the use of this egg was only taught in the Royal Chinese Palace to queens and concubines. Some think it was first taught as a practice to please the king during intercourse. On the same principle as Ben Wa balls, yoni eggs require a perfect master of your pelvic floor. It is however advised to see a heath professional if you don’t know how to contract your pelvic floor.

Vaginal cones for a toned pelvic floor

Other appreciated accessories: vaginal cones! They are provided in the form of a tampon. They require the contraction of pelvic muscles to stay in.

To be used complementarily to kegel exercises. They provide a progressive evolution, to get back to an intimate comfort!

And do you know of the pelvic gym?

Young woman practicing yoga in an urban studio

We can also go for pilates of gym to get back to a toned pelvic floor. Through breathing exercises, stretching, body contraction, you learn to feel your body completely. You can work out specific zones, for quick benefits on intimate muscles!

Electrostimulation or biofeedback, many available devices

Pelvic floor strengthening by electrostimulation or biofeedback remain the most used solutions by women of any age. Adapted to treat incontinence issues, they request pelvic floor muscles. Voluntary contraction for biofeedback and involuntary contraction for electrostimulation.

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