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Why do I have bladder weakness after pregnancy?

26. July 2019

It is often during our first pregnancy that we first hear about our pelvic floor. The uterus (and the baby) relies on the bladder which relies on the pelvic floor. Indeed, it is the unusual weight on your pelvic floor and the passage of the baby while giving birth that weakens it. It can be injured or stretched if it isn’t well prepared or not loose enough just before giving birth. Consequence? A more or less severe incontinence.

Emy is a connected kegel trainer which connects to an entertaining mobile app to train your pelvic floor. Based on biofeedback technique, the trainer records your contractions and you can see your contractions in real time on your phone. We developed this medical device with health professionals, with the goal to offer women a wireless, easy, and effective method to strengthen their pelvic floor. You choose the time and place you want to do your exercises to tone up your pelvic floor to avoid inconveniences.

Your pelvic floor can be injured if it is not prepared enough or if it’s not loose enough before giving birth.

During these 9 months and after delivery, pelvic floor tissues can have different states. Distended, stretched, sometimes teared of cut (episiotomy), they can have a hard time getting back to their normal state. Consequently, it is important to learn how to relax your pelvic floor during pregnancy. This will facilitate the passage of the baby and prevent bladder weakness.

Pelvic floor weakening: what consequences?

Involuntary loss of urine

During an effort, cough, sneeze or laugh, little inconveniences can occur. Pelvic floor control enabling the bladder to close is not ensured anymore.

Quality of intimacy

in the vagina, this muscle loosening phenomenon can alter the quality of sexual relations. A toned pelvic floor contributes to an improvement of your sensations and those of your partner. It can also make you reach an orgasm more quickly!

Pelvic floor after pregnancy

Loosening can occur many years after the end of pregnancies. When the effects of age are added to the old distention linked to motherhood, for example.

Emy’s advice:

Train your pelvic floor, even before giving birth!

Not all the women have the same muscular strength. Indeed, only a few women know that they should prepare their pelvic floor before childbirth to avoid problems. Even before pregnancy, it has to be taken care of! Think about your pelvic floor, even in prevention!

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