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Bérengère – Emy, tested and adopted

25. July 2019

At fizimed, we dare speaking about women’s body, with no taboo nor stereotypes. Today we are speaking about post-partum pelvic floor rehabilitation. We are aware that it is hard to do pelvic floor re-education sessions. Once you are in the wonderful world of motherhood, time constraints are frequent. Several re-education methods exist, and every woman can find the best one for her to feel good in her body.

Training your pelvic floor after giving birth… we speak of it a lot; opinions are divided, and each woman has her own story. At fizimed, we want every woman to live her re-education as good as possible. Advising them to see a health professional at first, and use Emy after it.

We have the chance to have more and more feedbacks. Among them, Bérengère (more known as Maman Pavlova: @mamanpavlova) wished to deliver hers. As a mother of a 3 years old little girl, she wished to get her pre-pregnancy pelvic floor back. It seems that Emy helped with that…

Why did you want to try Emy?

I didn’t have the same sensitivity than before giving birth. Like many women, I did pelvic floor re-education sessions with my midwife. I found it a bit hard and impersonal even though it should not be. At the beginning of motherhood, we are a bit lost, we have a new-born that can’t be given to child care, it is very constraining. I still finished all my sessions, which was not the case for many of my friends, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel much difference.

I thought that after the sessions, we didn’t have anything else to do, and I realized I wasn’t the only one to think that. Some of my friends told me they didn’t have sensations anymore when they had sex and that they had urine leaks when they sneezed. For them, it is normal and speaking about it is complicated and shameful.

Then I found out that there were solutions for pelvic floor training at home. Considering that I wanted to continue my training alone, I studied the market, and I discovered Emy on Facebook. Due to my past marketing studies, I looked at the feedbacks, videos and articles, because before testing a product, I want to be sure I’ll like it.

Have you been surprised by Emy?

I first downloaded the app after deep research, and being a geek, the thing that really attracted me is the video game aspect. I love the entertaining side, the cute graphics and the colors who encourage me to surpass myself. It is really easy to use and accessible to all.

Once I started the training with the device, I was surprised. I found it really physical and I wondered how games could be so hard! But now, it is much easier.

That’s why I wrote an article about Emy, it’s because I am convinced that it can help many other women. I am for liberty of speech and it is the reason why I accepted to deliver my feedback.

How long did it take until you saw improvements regarding your pelvic floor?

Not long at all. I have been using Emy for 3 months, twice a week. You say that most users feel improvements after 3 weeks of use, but I noticed differences in 15 days only. In addition, considering that I often carry my daughter, I had back pain that significantly improved since I started using Emy.

I even advised Emy to my followers who had urine leaks and they also noticed big changes.

Other followers were mad about the price because there are other cheaper devices that can be refunded. But for me, the pelvic floor has to be trained all along life. In addition, when you think about the price of sanitary pads, it is a money saver.

What were your expectations at the beginning?

I had the chance not to have leaks after giving birth, however, I had the feeling that my pelvic floor wasn’t as strong as before and I wanted to have this strength back.

When I started using Emy, my goal was to reach the golden medal in every game. That’s when we realize it is really fun because we are conscious of our own evolution.

What was the main advantage that Emy brought you?

Emy enabled me to have my pre-pregnancy body back. That’s all I wanted, and I wasn’t asking for more.

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