Don’t ever be afraid of laughing again! Say goodbye to urinary leaks

26. July 2019

At Fizimed, it is very important for us to give each and every one of you the right to laugh. Indeed, urinary leaks often occur when we are laughing hard! Let’s say that the after-laughter sensation is pretty disappointing…

But we have good news! A regular use of Emy can cure quickly your problem.

You probably heard this sentence “stop making me laugh, I am going to pee myself!”! sadly, this sentence which can sound insignificant, can be a real handicap for some people. Not being able to contain your bladder when you are laughing can really be embarrassing.

Fortunately, thanks to the pelvic floor trainer Emy, you can joke again and laugh as hard as you want!

3 weeks to laugh again!

Yes, you will need an average of 5 to 15 minutes long exericses 3 times a week for 3 weeks to notice significant benefits regarding your leaks. In this time lapse, some have been able to hold a tampon again, take back horse riding or Zumba, hiking…

In short, many feedbacks that enable us to say that, thanks to Emy, it is time to start laughing again!

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