I managed to reconcile sport and urinary leaks

20 June 2019

Sandrine Nail-Billaud is kind of the French version of Wonderwoman! Pharmacist during the day, she wears her marathon suit at night (as a figure of speech). She also writes for specialized magazines such as “Running pour Elles” (a French magazine about running for women), and she still has a thousand activities more! Oh, and Sandrine has 3 children with whom she shares her love for running! (we wonder if she ever sleeps at night).

But like 1 woman out 10, Sandrine suffers from urinary incontinence, which affects her every day. But that was before she started using Emy, which helped her getting back to a more relaxed sport life.

How did you deal with your bladder weakness?

My urinary leaks didn’t appear early, but they came when I was pregnant for the first time and then a bit after it. But as I had 2 other children, my pelvic floor reeducation probably didn’t go correctly.

When did you notice that you had urinary leaks?

Starting running made my urinary leaks a REAL problem, especially while running but also while sneezing, laughing, or doing skipping rope.

Pair of legs walking on a trail in nature towards the light

How to conciliate sport and urinary leaks?

So, for exercise, I choose the right sport to do. There is no way I will do skipping rope or trampoline which completely disable me from controlling my leaks.

About running, the time I choose to go for a run changes everything. If it’s early in the morning, I know I won’t have too much trouble. If I run on a soft ground, I can manage my leaks. However, if I run on a road or a track, it is a catastrophe.

As from 5pm, I know I will have far more leaks, and it is also linked to my period because of the uterus which, I think, being a little heavier during periods, presses on the bladder.

Anyway, I anticipate my sessions. I have tried everything! For example, I had been told to try tampons which were supposed to help me in stopping my incontinence problems while running. I also tried specific urinary protections but on a long distance. I didn’t like it because it ends by being full and it is not comfortable.

What is the most constraining aspect of urinary leaks?

When we do sport sessions, the worst thing about urinary leaks is the smell at the end of it. It is a terrible smell. Especially when I finish a run and I have to take public transports to go home or take the car with someone; I have to cover the seat. So, it is true that I had changed my sport sessions to finally do them alone.

What is your feedback since you started using Emy?

I had the chance to use Emy, which is exceptional and entertaining with a great liberty of use, and with finally very few constraints. Now, I use it 3 times a week for 5 minutes, and since, my sessions changed completely! I have far less urinary leaks, but also less stress when I am running with others.  Things really changed even though I still have a bit of apprehension. I drink a bit less, and I keep being cautious. But overall, things have changed, that’s for sure!


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