Let’s talk about urinary leaks

26. July 2019

Talking about urinary leaks with your friends if for sure not as exciting as talking about the last series you loved… and yet, it can really ruin lives. Millions of women suffer from it and don’t talk about it: let’s break this taboo!

Tell it to a health professional

General practitioner, sports doctor, gynecologist, urologist, physiotherapist or midwife (…) the list of the experts you can speak to is long. Some unfortunately do not speak about it, so do the first step! They will be able to answer your questions and advice you on which solution you should try.

What solutions for my bladder weakness?

No worries, many solutions exist according to the type of incontinence you suffer from (effort, urge, or mixt). Every case is particular. The care often starts by pelvic floor re-educating (during which the practitioner uses exercises, manual techniques, of biofeedback, visualization, posturology…) in order to reduce the symptoms and improve the pelvic control.

If the health professional think it is useful, he/she can propose medicine. If these are not adapted to your situation, you can think of surgery, with also many possibilities. In addition, in some cases, incontinence’s causes may not be clearly identified…

Treat feminine incontinence issues

Studies show that life quality of women suffering from incontinence can be deeply affected by the leaks’ consequences. Do not under-estimate your first signs of pelvic floor loosening or bladder weakness!

  • Physiologic and emotional impact
  • Effect of social and personal activities
  • Decrease of physical activities
  • Incidence on sleep
  • Incidence on sexuality

The Emy advice

I want a healthy pelvic floor

Take hygiene and dietetic measures, adapt your alimentation and your lifestyle to reduce the weakening of your pelvic floor. Take care of it by re-educating it and consult a health professional if needed.

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