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“Thanks to Emy, I reduced my urinary leaks by 5”

19. June 2019

Marie-Pierre is part of the women who joined the adventure at the beginning. After finding the ad that was about our “Super tester” research more than a year ago, Marie-Pierre wished to join the Emy team to help us improve our device. She accepted to give us a feedback to unveil the taboo around urinary leaks, and to tell us about Emy’s effects on a more or less short-term level.

Hello Marie-Pierre, could you introduce yourself to the Emy community?

Hello, my name is Marie-Pierre, and I am a teacher. I am 46 years old and mother of 3 children of 21, 18, and 5 years old.

How did you get to know Emy?

I had been having bladder weakness issues since years and as I am a fighter by nature, I assume that there are always solutions. After trying traditional pelvic floor reeducation with a physiotherapist, I tried reeducation with midwives, but the results were short-lasting. I also tried electrostimulation with a toning pant, but I didn’t use it more than 3 times because this solution didn’t correspond to my needs and I didn’t understand how this solution could be effective. I tried different techniques like acupuncture which I think was the best option so far.

But I need to be convinced rapidly so I was still up to finding a solution which would satisfy me even more.

So I searched all around the internet and I saw that Fizimed was searching for women to try their trainer. It motivated me right away because there was a frame and I had to test the product, share my results, explain the upsides and downsides…

So, what were your impressions after using emy?

Right away, I loved the fun side of the app, which makes it very motivating to go further and keep fighting. Having a frame and challenges to meet was extremely motivating.

When did you notice the effects of Emy on your pelvic floor and on your urinary leaks?

I did not immediately see the effects. So, I had to stop using Emy for a month and this is when I noticed them. I had less leaks, I didn’t have to change my sanitary pad several times a day. I can say that thanks to Emy, my leaks went down by 5. Considering the price of sanitary pads, it is an incredible money-saver.

Do you have an Emy routine?

Yes, I planned a special routine with Emy. At the present time, I use it once to twice a week whereas at the beginning I was using it every other day. I went 3 months without using Emy and I noticed that my bladder weakness issues started again so I went back to my routine.

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