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What is biofeedback?

26. July 2019

Emy chose the biofeedback technique to allow you to be fully involved in your pelvic floor re-education. With highly sensitive sensors on all the surface, Emy guarantees a precise measure of your contractions.

In a few words

It is a technique that enables you to visualize and measure your voluntary contractions thanks to a device. In terms of pelvic floor re-education with Emy, biofeedback enables you to visualize your contractions on your smartphone. The sensors on the trainer record the contractions and transmit them via Bluetooth to the app. In other words, it is the soft solution to strengthen your pelvic floor in full conscious

The proven effectiveness of biofeedback

Long period

Fight and prevent sustainably urinary leaks

Proven effectiveness

Significantly reduced symptoms for 80% of users.

Active re-education

The regularity of the exercises leads to an optimal rehabilitation.


Listening to your pelvic floor’s needs, you can strengthen it at your own pace.

Contract, visualize, progress

Biofeedback gives you a visual track of your voluntary contractions of your pelvic muscles. By focusing your attention on your pelvic floor, you take control over your body step by step. Thanks to this innovative and patented technology, you visualize your contractions and progress thanks to the mobile app. You really get involved in your health.

Emy: the most sensitive trainer on the market

The upside of the biofeedback medical device: the sensors on the whole surface of the trainer measure very precisely and sensitively your contractions in real time.

The Emy advice

In a crouched position, it is even better!

Although we have 2 legs, we are sitting most of the time! When you play with your children for example, favoring the crouching position and moving your pelvis are good reflexes to activate your pelvic muscles.

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