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Why should I do kegel exercices after giving birth?

19. June 2019

Many women didn’t do kegel exercices after their delivery in order to strengthen their pelvic floor. Why? No will, no time, not worth it?

After giving birth: Kegel exercices

The most frequent is starting reeducation sessions 6 weeks after childbirth. Before this, it is generally recommended not to do sports that highly request the pelvic floor (running, tennis, horse-riding…), or that include abdominal pressure. It is also recommended not to carry heavy things.

The indicating symptoms of a pelvic weakness

Urinary leaks even if they are small

Hurry to go to the bathroom

Weight in the lower abdomen

Pain during intercourse

If you are concerned by these cases, you should do something about it. You can contact a health professional: solutions exist! Every women’s pelvic floor is different and many factors (others than pregnancy and childbirth) can influence the tonicity like sport, overweight, age…

Do I need pelvic floor rehabilitation in case of a caesarean section?

A birth by caesarian section doesn’t prevent from seeing a professional to do a perineal (=pelvic floor) check-up. Your pelvic floor is also a bit weakened because it has been applied pressure on from the baby for 9 months. So, you could have urinary leaks after giving birth as well.

Your posture will also have changed, which contributes to a pelvic floor loosening and can lead to back pain. Although some women will reeducate their pelvic floor in a few weeks, others will need much more time. So, don’t neglect perineal rehabilitation even after giving birth with a caesarian section!

I take care of my pelvic floor for my back too

During pregnancy, your posture changes, your back is more required than usual. After giving birth, the constraints for your back continue with the baby to carry, the bag full of stuff, the maxi-cosi etc. A bad perineal tonus can influence on a bad posture and it could be blocked. It is important to respect our back: be nice with it!

A super gentle pelvic floor reeducation after giving birth

The Emy medical device can help you have a better control over your pelvic floor. The entertaining exercises, that are developed with health professionals, guide you in the control of your pelvic floor contractions.  You can track your progress along time and do your sessions when it’s the most convenient for you. Let yourself be helped by Emy to regain control over your pelvic floor!

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