With Emy by TENA,
Kegel exercises are fun!

"Don't Let Leaks Hold You Back"
Improve bladder control by strengthening your pelvic floor from the comfort of your home with Emy by TENA.

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Intimate well-being

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Better bladder control

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Fizimed Emy


The smart Kegel trainer
for strengthening your pelvic floor
at home.

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The Emy Kegel trainer with charging case
Free shipping • Results after 3 weeks
Free shipping • Results after 3 weeks

Emy - Kegel exercises

Try our bespoke kegel exercises for greater improvements.

Available for free in the App Store and Google Play
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Approved medical protocols

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Secure data

icon real time biofeedback and following of your progress in the app

Monitor your progress in real time

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More than 20 games

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Customer reviews

"Whenever I sneezed, I was afraid of leaking... But then I started training with Emy. My exercises have become a routine, just like brushing my teeth!"

Anna, 31, mother of one

"The exercises were beneficial for everyone! My husband thanks you too!"

Catherine, 55 years old.
Mom of three and Emy’s user.

"We advertise urinary protections, but nobody talks about prevention."

Lucile, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"With Emy, I really see results. After only a week I was able to control my pelvic floor better."

Emilie, 40 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"I’m physiologist and I did my postpartum recovery with Emy! I highly recommend it to my patients!"

Fabienne, 37 years old.
Mother of 2 children and physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

"Despite my illness, I can still do sports thanks to Emy."

Elisa, 27 years old.
Suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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