Regain control of you body after giving birth

You take care of your baby, TENA takes care of you 

Emy by TENA, the only Kegel trainer clinically proven

A medical training for your pelvic floor at home

Mobile screens showing 3 fun Kegel exercises available on the Emy application

Track your progress at home

Track your progress at home

Let our smart app guides you through the training process in a fun and effective way with our varierty of Kegel exercises.

Track your progress in real time and from the comfort of your home through 4 indicators : strength, endurance, repetition and rapidity.

results in 3 weeks with Emy Kegel trainer
Results in 3 weeks
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Users satisfied
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Designed by doctors

“We advertise urinary protections, but nobody talks about prevention.”

Lucile, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

“With Emy, I really see results. After only a week I was able to control my pelvic floor better.”

Emilie, 40 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

“I’m physiologist and I did my postpartum recovery with Emy! I highly recommend it to my patients!”

Fabienne, 37 years old.
Mother of 2 children and physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

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Emy by TENA is easy to use

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1. Insert the Emy by TENA into your vagina

Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, the Emy Kegel trainer is super easy to insert.

icon smart Kegel trainer Emy with a fun app for pelvic exercises at home

2. Connect Emy by TENA to its app

The Emy Kegel trainer by TENA connects to the Emy app, which you can download for free in Google Play or the App Store.

icon woman with pelvic floor trainer Emy

3. Do your Kegel exercises

Define the frequency and duration of your training to meet your own goals. Discover more than 30 adaptable mini-games !

icon real time feedback thanks to pelvic floor biofeedback

4. Check your contractions in real time

Thanks to biofeedback, you can monitor your progress directly in the app.

External partBluetooth Low Energy moduleIntravaginal part360° measurementof muscle contractionsPowerful rechargeable batteryLong-term useInductive charging
Free shipping • Results after 3 weeks
Free shipping • Results after 3 weeks
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