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The history of Emy by Fizimed

4 founders with complementary skills

Emeline – health engineer and high-level ex-basketball player – is the creator of Emy. By her side, Allan, the application geek, Julien, the genius of connected technology and Paul, the sporty physiotherapist. The perfect alliance of sport and e-health!

Fizimed, a French innovative start-up

Based in Strasbourg, Fizimed is specialized in developing innovative connected medical devices. The multidisciplinary team has won many contests and the connected Emy Kegel Trainer for pelvic floor exercises is its first medical device.

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A trainer that proves itself

The viability and innovation of Emy has recently been rewarded by the Ministry of Superior Education, Research and Innovation. What could be a better acknowledgement for our Made in France solution?

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3 questions to the founder and CEO of Fizimed, Emeline

Why create Fizimed ?

We created Fizimed because we were convinced that we could bring improvements to the health world, thanks to new technologies. Home health with connected objects means comfort, personalization, and simplicity for patients.

Why urinary incontinence ?

Bladder weakness is a real public health problem. 1 woman out of 10 is affected and it is not irremediable. By developing Emy, we hoped to break a taboo by giving women the possibility to regain control over their pelvic floor by an easy, entertaining, and constraintless method.

Has the Emy revolution started ?

Thanks to health professionals’ support, their increasing number of prescriptions, users who deliver the feedbacks of their progress or even say their life has changed… In short, yes, we can say that a dynamic has started and that the Emy community grows, day after day!

What drives us

Imagining a solution created by and for women which matches the actual constraints, to stop urinary leaks.

And motivates us

Break the taboo of incontinence and work for women’s health all along their life.

Every day

That women feel supported to overcome life’s challenges and create a big community of mutual help between women around Emy.