The effectiveness of biofeedback

Emy, the biofeedback perineal device

Emy has chosen biofeedback technology to enable you to take control of the re-education of your pelvic floor. Fitted with highly sensitive sensors on the whole surface, Emy ensures a precise measurement of your contractions.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a technique which provides visualisation and measurement of volontary contractions thanks to an appliance. In re-education of the pelvic floor with Emy,  the biofeedback provides visualisation of your contractions on your smartphone. The sensors of the Emy device record the contractions and transmit them via Bluetooth to the Emy application. The biofeedback is the soft solution to strengthen your pelvic floor conscientiously.

Proven efficacy of biofeedback


Fighting and preventing urine leakage.

Proven efficacy

Symptoms significantly reduced for 80% of users

Active re-education

The regularity of exercises ensures a more optimal re-education.


By listening to your pelvic floor, you can muscle it at your pace.

Contract, visualise… progress!

Biofeedback allows you to track your voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. With focus on your pelvic floor, you progressively take back control of your body. Thanks to this innovative and patented technology, you view your contractions and your progress thanks to the Emy mobile application. You are in control of your health!

Emy: the most sensitive device on the market

The advantage of the biofeedback medical device Emy: sensors, on the whole device, provide a reliable and highly sensitive measurement of pelvic floor contractions in real time.

How use Emy?

Emy's advice

It's even better in a squatting position!

Whilst we have two legs, we spend most of our time sitting down! When you are playing with your children for example, favouring a squatting position and moving your pelvis are good reflexes to activate the muscles of your pelvic floor.