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The connected biofeedback kegel trainer

The Emy trainer is a medical innovation, 100% made in France. It allows all women, no matter what their age is, to perform the re-education of their pelvic floor alone at home. Connected to a mobile app, Emy offers 20 fun exercises to tone up the pelvic floor.

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Recommended by health professionals


Urinary leaks


Improve intimate well-being

  • Sessions 5 to 20 min / day
  • Connected device for a home use
  • The Emy application is compatible with all Android and IOS smartphones
  • Customize the frequency and duration of your sessions
  • 20 games are available to guide your training
  • Washable with water and mild soap
  • Vaginal device guaranteed for 2 years
  • Size: 10,5 x 3,2 cm
  • A very low Bluetooth signal for medical use.
  • Long-term use. Easy induction charging

Emy, a device that takes care of all women

The device that measures your perineal strength, tracks your contractions and your progress. After 2 years of medical research, Emy was designed based on the dimensions of the devices used by health professionals. Its soft and original shape is also adapted for very loose perineums.

Why to choose Emy

A rechargeable battery

Made with high quality biomaterials (10-year lifespan), the Emy device has been designed for long-term use.

A remarkable sensitivity

360° sensors presence on the device to detect contractions on the entire pelvic floor. No worries, the device is 100% waterproof for impeccable hygiene.

An effective solution

Developed with health professionals, the first results are seen after only 3 weeks of use. The 16,000 users of our app can speak better about this!

How to use my Emy Kegel trainer ?

A trustworthy innovation

Patented biofeedback technology

Wireless and connected to an application

Manufactured and assembled in France

Developed with health professionals

Emy's advice

Try now the free application

Together with Emy, the pelvic floor device, we have developed a fun mobile application. This application guides your contractions through 20 games in 5 different game-worlds. With or without the trainer, start your re-education now thanks to the Emy app!