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Everything about the Emy device

What is the recommended position to practise my exercises?

The recommended and optimal position to use Emy is semi-reclined. Lie down comfortably, raise the back of your neck (using a cushion for example) and place your thighs slightly apart. Don't forget to breathe during your exercises and to relax all you other muscles (abdominal, buttocks...).

How do I position the Emy device correctly?

The Emy device is made up of two parts. The elongated part is inserted into the vagina and the round tip (two-tone) of the device must remain outside the vagina: this is where the Bluetooth antenna is situated to provide a good connection with the smartphone. To facilitate the insertion of the device, you can use a water-based gel lubricant. To ensure the application works properly, the smartphone must be less than two metres away from the device.

Where can I use Emy?

The Emy device is small, light, discreet and unique as it is flexible: you can use it everywhere, whenever you want or need to.

What is the recommended rate of use of the Emy device?

The rate of use is to be adapted to each woman's pace. The application offers you different programmes depending on your needs and desires: Keeping fit | Regular | Intensive | Personalised. You can also set the number of trainings with the healthcare professional who is in charge of your re-education.

How long is a training session?

You can choose different lengths: 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes per session. The number and level of the exercises provided will be adapted to your goals and your previous results.

How long must I train before observing any improvements?

As each woman is different, you will be able to see improvements more or less rapidly. Some women already see improvements of their symptoms as early as three weeks. For others, it will take a little longer. The important thing is that with Emy, you are able to progress at your pace. Nevertheless, if you do not see a change in your symptoms after 8 weeks of exercises, we recommend you check with your healthcare professional to be sure that you are doing your exercises properly.

How do the indicator lights work?

The operation of the indicator lights on the device have different meanings:

  • Repeated oscillations: the device is activated and is searching to pair to the smartphone
  • Indicator off: the device is off or connected with the smartphone
  • 3 rapid flashes: the battery level of the device is low, it needs to be recharged

When the device is charging, an indicator light higher on the case is illuminated. When the device is 100% fully charged, it turns off.

How is the Emy device connected with the smartphone?

Connection is made via low energy Bluetooth. It is a wireless communication technology that has the unique characteristic of emitting very low intensity waves and therefore consumes little energy. If your connection fails, please check the following points:

  • Shake the device to stimulate it: the blue LED on the device must make repeated oscillations whilst it searches to pair to the smartphone. The connection is then established within two minutes.
  • Is the Emy device fully charged? Check the recharge level by shaking the device: if the blue LED flashes three times, it means the battery of your device is low and it needs to be recharged.
  • Is the exercise position respected? The recommended position must be semi-reclined and the smartphone must be less than two metres away from the device.

Is Emy safe to use?

Fizimed is specialised in the development of innovative connected medical devices. Emy is an entirely waterproof medical device designed with medical-grade biocompatible materials. Perfectly safe, it meets a set of standards and very strict medical requirements (exhaustive tests such as dropping, water, irritation, heat ...). Emy is entirely designed and manufactured thanks to French know-how and with partners based exclusively in France.

Is Emy easy to use?

Emy has been designed by and for women and with health professionals. Small and light, the device is pleasant to use and is made of materials that provide a feeling of trust and softness. It is the shortest device on the market and it fits all shapes. Nice curved lines, it has been designed for maximum comfort and use even when dressed. It is composed of an elongated part (introduced into the vagina) and a curved part (serving to limit introduction and as a grip).

Can I use Emy without a prescription or recommendation from a healthcare professional?

Prescription by a healthcare professional is not compulsory to purchase the Emy perineal device. To ensure you contract your pelvic floor muscles properly, we recommend you consult a healthcare professional.

Is the Emy device guaranteed?

Yes, of course, the Emy device comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Can I lend my Emy device?

Emy is an intimate device, for reasons of hygiene you cannot lend it to another woman. It is to be used for personal purposes only.

Where can I find the complete Emy user guide?

You can find the user guide here .

The Emy mobile application

Is Emy compatible with all smartphones?

The application is compatible with all smartphones and tablets from Android 5 and more and iOS 8 and more, including Huawei.

Do my data and information remain confidential?

Your mobile data are strictly confidential, safe and non-shared.

What are the different training programmes?

A training programme allows you to define the number of sessions per week and the amount of time you wish to spend doing your re-education exercises. A questionnaire will help you to define the programme most suited to your needs among:

  • Keeping fit: 2 sessions/week of 5 minutes/day
  • Regular: 3 sessions/week of 10 minutes/day
  • Intensive: 5 sessions/week of 15 minutes/day
  • Customised: allows you to choose from 1 to 7 sessions/week, 5 to 20 minutes

How were the serious games developed?

Emy has been developped in collaboration with healthcare professionnals. Serious games in the Emy application are based on classically used therapeutical protocols for perineal re-education with proven scientific efficiency.

How can I be sure to not forget one of my sessions?

We have thought of everything to avoid any oversights. You can configure training reminders to receive alerts directly on your smartphone. Go to the section "My programme" then "Training notifications" to define the days and times you want your reminders to be displayed.

I can't manage to win the trophy in one or several categories…

The aim of the exercises is to view a progression of your indicators and a decrease in your symptoms. So it does not matter if you do not manage to win the trophy in one or several categories but you can continue to persist to ensure your success!

Can I use the Emy mobile application without the device?

Yes, you can feely use the Emy application without the device to do your exercises but you will not be able to check if your contractions are being performed properly. To make sure you contract your pelvic floor muscles correctly, we recommend that you use the device which will allow you to monitor your contractions in real time on your smartphone.


How do I care for Emy?

Emy is easy-to-maintain design. Simply clean it with mild soap and water (do not use abrasive products). Before putting it away in its case, make sure that the Emy device is well dried. Avoid using the device in a place which is either too hot or too cold (lower than 0°C or higher than 45°C). To protect your device, if you do not use it for a long time, be sure to charge it every 2 to 3 months minimum.

Is Emy water resistant?

Emy is entirely waterproof and has a smooth finish for reasons of hygiene. Emy can therefore be completely immersed in water when cleaning it. As a precaution, we recommend however that you do not use your Emy device in water (bath, sea …).

How do I take care of the Emy case?

To clean the case, just extract the device and clean the surface with a disinfectant wipe after using the device three times. Do not allow the case to become wet and never store it in a very hot or cold place (lower than 0°C or higher than 45°C).

Is the Emy case water resistant?

The Emy case is not designed to become wet. If you wish to clean it, you can use disinfectant wipes.

What are the materials used to manufacture Emy?

Emy is made from medical-grade biocompatible materials obtained exclusively from our French partners.


How can I know if Emy is really effective ?

Emy is medical device based on the principle of biofeedback, one of the most effective methods for re-education of the pelvic floor in scientific literature. Thanks to pressure sensors that are present on the device, Emy provides, in real time, a sensitive, precise and reproducible measurement of the volontary contractions of different pelvic floor muscles. Emy is the most sensitive device on the market and its innovative and patented technology allows women to view their contractions directly on their smartphone, thanks to the Emy application. This mechanism fosters awareness of pelvic floor contractions and allows women to actively take part in their re-education. Some of our testers saw improvements (reduction in leaks, improvement in quality of life...) after just three weeks of use! Above all, it is important to maintain your exercises over time to retain benefits in the long-term.

Can I use Emy with an intrauterine device (IUD)?

Wearing a copper coil is not a counter-indication for the use of the Emy device. Emy is a vaginal device, whereas the coil is an IUD, they will not touch one another!

Can I use Emy with a vaginal ring?

The vaginal ring is inserted into the vagina around the cervix. As a precaution, we recommend that you remove it prior to using Emy.

Can I use Emy when I have my periods?

There is no counter-indication for the use of Emy during your menstruation. Be sure to clean Emy after each use.

Can I use Emy in the case of pelvic floor disorders?

If you suffer from a pelvic floor disorder (prolapse, organ descent, pelvic floor pains…), we recommend that you consult your gynaecologist before using Emy.

How soon after giving birth can I use Emy?

We recommend that you wait seven weeks before being able to use Emy to re-educate your pelvic floor. Do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional in order to make a checkup of your pelvic floor

Are these waves hazardous to human health?

The Emy device respects the current standards in application for medical devices. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) waves emitted by Emy are very low power. They are 1000 times lower than those of the smartphone in your pocket. What's more, the waves are emitted from the part of the device that remains outside your body.

Are there any side effects from using Emy?

To date, in compliance with precautions for use, no side effects have been observed during the use of the Emy medical device.