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Kegel exercises with the Emy app

Free app with pelvic floor exercises

Access Kegel exercises, with or without the device, on the free Emy app. Strengthen your pelvic floor according to power, endurance, repetition and speed exercises. Like that you can complete your pelvic floor therapy at home. The app is compatible with IOS and Android.

Train your pelvic floor like a pro

The Kegel exercises on the mobile application Emy have been developed with health professionals. The pelvic floor exercises are based on the "Perfect Scheme", a medical protocol, traditionally used in pelvic floor therapy.

Whereever and whenever I want

Choose the frequency and duration of your workouts.

A customized training

An intelligent programme that evolves and adapts according to your results.

I stay motivated

Cumulate medals with each victory. Goal: Beat your own record!

Learn and do it yourself

Expert advice to optimize your pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The Emy mobile app

Discover the free application to strengthen your pelvic floor. 100% free and accessible to all, the Emy app allows you to do simple Kegel exercises. Test now the exercises of the Emy app without device!


Do you like diversity? The Emy app offers different exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles based on Kegel exercises. This gynecologist imagined contraction and relaxation exercises of the pelvic floor for better awareness and strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

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4 programmes for a strong pelvic floor

Strengthen your pelvic floor

The training program "power" measures the maximum force of your pelvic floor muscles contractions. It is measured at the beginning of each rehabilitation therapy to propose exercises adapted to your state of the day.

Laugh without limits

The training program endurance trains you to maintain the contraction of your pelvic floor muscles for several seconds. These exercises stimulate the pelvic floors' slow muscle fibers. This helps you to not have any urinary leakages after for example a fit of laughter or lifting up heavy objects.

Run without fear

The Kegel exercises repetition measure the ability to perform multiples pelvic floor muscles contractions consecutively. Those are correlated to some daily energy-consuming activities like sports or taking the stairs.

Sneeze without stress

The program fast contraction trains the ability to contract sequentially as fast as possible the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises stimulate the corresponding fast muscle fibers.

Emy's advice

It is never too late for Kegel exercises!

15-minute Kegel exercises every 2 days are a good start to gain back the control over your bladder and to avoid incontinence. Thanks to the sound indications and the free pelvic floor exercises app Emy, you can do your exercises discreetly whereever you want.