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Pelvic floor therapy at home

To keep your pelvic floor muscles strong, it is essential to train them throughout your life. This is why we developed Emy, the medical device for your pelvic floor therapy at home. Train your pelvic floor easily and discretely at home, like Johanna did!

Pelvic floor therapy at home with Emy

Emy is based on biofeedback therapy: the device detects your muscle contractions and you can follow them in real-time on your smartphones' screen. We have developed this medical Kegel trainer to offer a wireless, simple and efficient solution for women to do their pelvic floor therapy at home. It is up to you when and where you want to do yourKegel exercises to avoid unpleasant urinary leaks!

Why choose Emy?

A coach to train your pelvic floor at home

A convenient solution

Continue your pelvic floor therapy at home. Enjoy tranquility, freedom and comfort of use.

Original design

Wireless and easy to transport thanks to its case, there is always some space for Emy in your suitcase!

Daily reminders

Customized reminders to not forget your pelvic floor therapy sessions. We want that you stay motivated and progress.

Emy, a fun connected medical device

Emy, a medical Kegel trainer connected to an entertaining mobile app. The games are based on medical protocols used by health professionals and allow you to do your pelvic floor exercises alone at home.

Know more about Emy

Our commitment to you

An available team

Always at your disposal, we are doing our best to answer your needs.

About us

A 2-year guarantee on you device

With our Kegel trainer you can do your pelvic floor rehabilitation in an easy and convenient way. Emy was made and developed in France.

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