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Why choose Emy

Pelvic floor exercises with Emy

The Emy Kegel Trainer offers fun pelvic floor exercises for all women that suffer from urinary incontinence in their daily life. Now you can change that! Say goodbye to urinary leakage thanks to Emy!

The pelvic floor trainer Emy

Emy is a connected medical device which helps you to do your pelvic floor exercises. The Emy Kegel Trainer is water-proof and made of biocompatible materials of medical quality.

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Trust and security

Being totally secure, Emy meets the gold standards and rules for medical devices (essential requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC). For example, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) waves used are very low in power.

Similarly for my personal data!

Emy does not like being intruisive: your personal data is strictly confidential, secured and not shared with third parties.

Did you know it?

Extra low Bluetooth for medical use!

To give you an idea, a smartphone emits from 1 to 2 Watts, the WiFi approximately 0,1 Watt and the Bluetooth 0,001 Watt. So, the waves of the Emy device are 1000 times lower than those of the phone you have in your pocket.

A simple and convenient solution to exercise your pelvic floor muscles


Thanks to the feedbacks of more that 100 women who where implicated in the development of the product, Emy has been designed to best meet your expectations.


Fun and discreet, the Emy Kegel Trainer works wirelessly for an easy and painless pelvic floor training. Use Emy to do your pelvic floor exercises whereever you want and whenever you want. It's up to you!


The charging case was designed for you: an original design to facilitate transfer, charging and storage. The Emy Kegel Trainer can be taken everywhere; no excuses anymore to not do your pelvic floor exercises.

Collaboration with health professionals

The medical pelvic floor trainer Emy is the result of over 2 years of R&D and active collaboration with many health professionals. This work has resulted in an original and discreet design that allows easy storage and safe use respecting the privacy of the user.

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Adapted to all situations

To continue the pelvic floor therapy after your sessions with a health professional or simply when you feel the need to do pelvic floor exercises.

Optimal comfort during use

A soft touch Kegel trainer, adapted to all women's pelvic floor anatomy.

The Emy Kegel Trainer - proven efficiency

Highly sensitive compared to other products on the market, Emy offers a more precise and reliable measurement of the pelvic floor's muscles contractions. The device was developed based on the Biofeedback technology which is an efficient and scientifically proven treatment for pelvic floor therapy. 90% of patients could strengthen their weak pelvic floor with this method.

Fun exercises to stay motivated

The pelvic floor exercises are based on medical protocols traditionally used by health professionals. Some women feel the results of their progress after only 3 weeks of use!

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The Emy awards

Hacking Health Camp

Meilleure solution pour la santé publique (2016)

BPI France

Bourse French Tech Émergence (2017)

Smart Health

Grand Prix Sanofi Budapest(2017)

Ministère Français

Concours d'innovation I Lab (2018)