Enjoying my sex life

From adolescence to adulthood to menopause, your sexuality and sensuality change. We can talk openly here about sex, pleasure, organisms, and the pluses and minuses of age.
Learn about our Kegel trainer and enjoy more your sex life!

Sexuality, desire, libido...

Is it hard to enjoy your sexuality, have self-confidence, and feel comfortable with your partner? Don't worry, you're not alone! We're here to help you develop or rediscover your sexuality!
There are lots of reasons for a change in libido, and fortunately, there are solutions to help you improve your sexuality.

Young women with that enjoy her sexuality

Emy, the Kegel trainer for enjoying your women's sexuality

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young woman who wonders about urinary leakage
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Customer reviews

"The exercises were beneficial for everyone! My husband thanks you too!"

Catherine, 55 years old.
Mom of three and Emy’s user.

"Sexual intercourse is much more enjoyable and I feel more pleasure."

Lili, 27 years old.
Mom and long-time user of Emy.

"The Emy Kegel trainer allows you to have a more fulfilled sexuality. I feel confident again!"

Isabelle, 55 years old.
Mom of 2 children and user of Emy

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