Kegel exercises on the Emy app

The free app for Kegel exercises

Access to  Kegel exercises with or without the device, on the free Emy application. Strengthen your pelvic floor based on objectives of endurance, repetition and speed. Compatible with IOS, Android.

Train your pelvic floor like a pro

The Kegel exercisesoffered on the Emy mobile application have been developed hand in hand with healthcare professionals. The progress of the exercises is based on the medical protocol Perfect Scheme, generally used for re-education of the pelvic floor(1).

When I want, whenever I like

Choose the frequency and duration of your exercise sessions.

A tailor-made

An intelligent programme which evolves and adapts itself according to your results.

I stay motivated

Accumulate medals for every victory. Objective: beat your own record!

Understanding your pelvic floor enables you to become an active player

Specialised advice to optimise the re-education of your pelvic floor.

The mobile app : Emy

Discover the free application to strengthen your pelvic floor. Completely free and accessible to everyone, the Emy app allows you to do very simple pelvic floor exercises. Test the device-free exercises of the Emy app without further delay!


(August 2018, Paris)

"With Emy, it's fun to re-educate my pelvic floor!"

“ There are lots of entertaining themes to choose from to exercise the pelvic floor… that may appear childish but it's fun! “

4 programmes for a stretched pelvic floor

Strengthen the pelvic floor

The strength indicator measures the maximum force of your perineal contractions. It is measured at the start of each re-education session in order to offer exercises adapted to your condition on the day.

Laugh freely

Endurance trains you to hold a contraction for several seconds. These exercises stimulate the slow fibres of the pelvic floor, concerned when you laugh or carry heavy loads.

Run with serenity

Repetition measures the capacity to repeat a number of pelvic floor contractions. This prevents problems, for example, during regular physical effort (sport, stairs…).

Sneeze happily

Speed consists in contracting the pelvic floor muscles  as quickly as possible.These exercises stimulate the fast fibres of the pelvic floor.

Emy's advice

It's never too late to strengthen your pelvic floor!

15 minutes ofKegel exercises  every other day is a good start to take control of your pelvic floor. Thanks to the audible indications, you can even do your exercises discreetly in the train, with the free Emy application. You can also find lots more advice from healthcare professionals!


(1) Laycock & Jervood,  Pelvic floor muscle assessment: the PERFECT scheme. Physiotherapy. 2001 Dec; 87(12):631-642.