the Emy Kegel trainer in use by a pelvic floor therapist
Emy Kegel Trainer and emy application
Kegel trainer Emy with the app Emy Kegel exercises for pelvic floor therapists and patients

Emy for pelvic floor therapists

map of pelvic floor therapists in the app Emy Pro - Medical Kegel exercises
Create personalised Kegel exercises in the app Emy Pro for their patients

Meet the health care professionals who already use and love the Emy app!

“With Emy, pelvic floor therapy is fun and motivating. Biofeedback is a big plus. ”
– Odile Bagot, gynaecologist -obstetrician.

“The Emy Kegel trainer is very useful. The advantage? You can just recharge it and it’s a very long-lasting product. ”
– Princess Périnée, physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

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