Strengthen my pelvic floor with Emy

A device and its app to strengthen the pelvic floor at home

To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles at home, discover Emy, an innovative connected medical device, 100% Made in France!

Strengthen my pelvic floor with Emy

On the one hand, a vaginal device to measure your contractions. On the other hand, a mobile application which guides you in the exrcises to do and measures your contractions.

Discover Emy app

Shake me!

Just gently shake the Emy device to turn it on. Once the application has been loaded, it takes only a few seconds to connect the device to the application via Bluetooth.

Relaxation guaranteed!

It should only take you 5 minutes to activate your re-education device. Once Emy has been fully charged, launch the application and begin your sessions in a relaxed way to muscle your pelvic floor!

Emy with me wherever I go!

4 steps to train your pelvic floor with Emy

We have to think about so many things every day, don't we? Emy has been designed and created to be simple, user-friendly and effective. And, the challenge has been met, our testers have all been able to use Emy easily and quickly!

Step 1:
Charge the device

It only takes 3 hours to fully charge your Emy device. Simply place it in its case.

Install the app

Available on Apple or Android, the Emy app is free. A flashing light indicates that Emy is searching.

Step 3:
Insert the device

With or without water-based lubricant, the Emy device is easy to insert.

Step 4:
Let yourself be guided

Emy adapts to your needs: you decide the frequency, the duration and the type of exercise, from a choice of 20.

2 minutes to understand everything!

By yourself or during a session with your physiotherapist or midwife, fight effectively against the effects of a relaxed pelvic floor.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Emy in order to optimise and reinforce your pelvic floor re-education sessions to regain a tight pelvic floor !

Our testers liked

Before launching, Emy offered a panel of women the opportunity to test the connected device with the mobile app to muscle their pelvic floor. Here are the results:

  •  92% consider the Emy solution to be motivating
  •  87% find the Emy device user-friendly and practical to use
  •  89% have improved quality of life after 3 weeks

Our protection commitments

A Bluetooth for health application

Bluetooth Low Energy waves (BLE) are extremely low power (1000 times lower than a smartphone) and the Emy device meets the current regulations and standards for medical devices.

Protection of my data

Fizimed is a French start-up which gives importance to the protection and use of your personal data. The data are neither shared with nor transmitted to a third-party; they remain confidential.

Emy's advice

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