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Kegel exercises whereever & whenever I want

Emy is the first connected Kegel trainer designed and manufactured in France. Emy is connected to a fun and free mobile app. It allows you to do your Kegel exercises at home and to strengthen your pelvic floor - independently or in addition to the pelvic floor therapy with your health professional. The design is adapted to women's pelvic floor anatomy.







Emy A trustworthy product

Emy périnée médical française

Following strict medical standards

Emy périnée médical française

100% designed and made in Europe

Emy périnée médical française

Bluetooth and medical grade silicone soft touch

Emy périnée médical française

Games approved by health professionals

1 out of 10 women suffer from urinary incontinence worldwide

With Emy, you are not alone!

Through the mobile app, Emy guides you to overcome and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction which could lead to symptoms such as incontinence, a frequent need to pee or even a prolapse.

  • 20 exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Medals to win

Stay motivated while doing your Kegel exercises

Emy, the Kegel trainer for active women

The Emy Kegel Trainer is designed to help you to do your pelvic floor exercises, even when you are dressed. It's up to you to choose the time and place you prefer.

Measure and progress in real time

The Biofeedback device measures the contractions of your pelvic floor muscles in real time.. Emy is a smart device that adapts the pelvic floor exercises to your needs in order to optimize your Kegel Training.